Transparent Labels

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 Matte and Glossy transparent labels. What are they? Why use them?

Matte and glossy transparent labels are great for that no label look, it’s clean, and it gives your packaging a high quality appearance!

It’s also important to consider the type of container when choosing a transparent label to match.

opaque background

Spot the difference (1)

Most transparent labels you see out in the marketplace are glossy because bottles and jars tend to be shiny and reflective. But what if the container has a frosted or matte finish?

You may think that a glossy transparent label would add value, show-off your beautiful container, and everything would go just fine. Well, that’s not really the case!

If you put a glossy label on a frosted matte surfaced container, the glossy label actually cancels the finishing on the container out, and the whole portion of that container becomes clear. That’s why it’s so important to match the texture of the labels with the texture of the container.

Both types of labels are also tear and water resistant, the main distinction being their appearance.

Matte labels have a down to earth look that works great with natural and organic products.

clear transparent background

Spot the difference (2)

Glossy transparent labels are more over the top, as they are more eye catchy, and could really grab a customer’s attention from afar.

For more information on transparent labels, it’s uses and application, do contact us today!

Matt surface container

Light reflection on matt label.

Glossy label on matte surface.

Light reflection on glossy label.



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